Sunday, February 25, 2018

Check out the $10 reward for Patreon subscribers this month!

As you probably know, I’ve been down for most of the month with searing muscle spasms that make it hard to sit up, and although I’ve been working on a new e-zine, it isn’t ready yet.
To that end, I’m offering every $10 Patreon subscriber the e-zine of their choice, which you can find in the courses & e-books section of our site!

As a note, I’ve added the two actives & cosmeceuticals e-zines that were previously available only to Patreon subscribers in March or April 2017, so check those out! (If you aren't a Patreon subscriber, you can still buy them.)

Actives & cosmeceuticals, part one

Actives & cosmeceuticals, part two

If you're a $10 subscriber as of 8 am PST, February 25th, take a look in your Patreon messages on the Patreon site to find the code.

If you subscribed after 8 am PST, February 25th but before 11:59 pm PST February 28th, please e-mail me and I'll send you the code.
If you subscribed after 12:01 am PST, March 1st, I'm sorry, this isn't being offered any more.

And don't forget, $10 subscribers for February 2018 also get a 7% discount with Lotioncrafter!

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